30 Days of Thanks–Day 5

Since today is Sunday, I would like to give thanks for my awesome church, Tyger River Presbyterian. (You can find out all about it HERE).When I think of my church, I think of the words genuine, authentic, and cracked pots. Yes, I meant that last part: we are all flawed, but beautiful just the same in our imperfections. I love being a part of a community that accepts me, warts and all. And when someone asks me how my day is going, I can unload on them and not respond with the pat “I’m fine” response. (Lucky them). Plus, I have the added bonus of serving on our church staff, albeit as a volunteer Director of Children’s Music. But what better way to channel my inner kid and my love of music at the same time? Win-win. So I’m singing the praises of Tyger River today-and hopefully you have a place like Tyger River, too!

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