Meet the Band

Singer/Songwriter: Me
I am a domestic engineer (stay at home mom is a misnomer because when am I at home, really?) Instead, we spend our time rolling in our “tour bus” (aka the minivan I swore I would never own) to our gigs at piano, soccer, T-ball, horseback and church. My newest endeavors are leading a children’s music program at my church and singing in a praise ensemble. In my spare time (ha!), I seek justice for all as an attorney who specializes in real estate closings. Besides being a fan of all things Disney, my other obsessions include reading, yoga, travel, and playing violin. I am also a contributing writer for the Disney Driven Life, NDM # 393 (NDM=Neurotic Disney Mom).
My “rock and roll dream” is that you will find authenticity and honesty when reading my blog. Maybe make you laugh or smile. Have you listen to the music long enough to post a comment-and maybe even become a “groupie.”
Soundboard/Lighting: Clay
My husband Clay can’t carry a tune in a bag, so he is the king of the backstage and is instrumental in keeping our group together. We married 16 years ago on St. Thomas, U.S.Virgin Islands (barefoot, no less) and he’s been my biggest fan! Given his techie skills, he’s a natural for our band’s sound and light needs!
Backup Singer: Taylor
Taylor, 10 years old, finds her best melodies when riding horseback, reading chapter books, and loving all animals. She hopes to someday be an author and have her own farm filled with-what else–horses! (Incidentally, she has a blog titled, so she’s already achieved writer status!)
Guitar: Jared
At 6, Jared is our resident wild child/rocker dude. He loves legos and his favorite pastime while touring is playing the Wii. Right now, his obsession is Indiana Jones and Pirate of the Caribbean (who can blame him?) and his wardrobe changes are usually into Jedi or Indy costumes. He loves to jam out on his kiddie guitar and can breakdance too!


Cool Tidbits about our Band:

I broke my ankle on Bastille Day in France the first week of my month-long summer study in college. Still managed to hobble around on crutches while seeing chateaus, the beach, and Paris!
Both my kids learned to walk while overseas: Taylor in Paris and Jared in London. (And since the London trip was my last trip abroad, I’d say it’s been too long.)
Speaking of travel, did I mention that our family loves Disney World? My kids have been at least once each year. Which adds up to several thousand  photos. Seriously, it’s so cool having Disney World as your children’s virtual measuring sticks: take photos in same spots every year and watch them grow!

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