30 Days of Thanks-Day 7

Since I was in an all day CLE (continuing legal education), I didn’t feel much like blogging last night. But then I thought how fortunate I am that I have a career that I enjoy. That I can help people buy houses, refinance, or get an equity line. When I set my sights on law school, I never envisioned a career in real estate. It was always the glamour of trying cases or the thrill of crafting a brief that blew away the other side that got my blood pumping. And now? Frankly, trial and appellate work don’t impress me much. I’ll take control over my schedule so I can balance work with being a mom over having to appear in court at the drop of a hat. And what thrills me now is writing for my blog instead of drafting a legal brief. I’m not abandoning those skills. On the contrary, I write, read and persuade daily.

So today I give thanks for having the ability to practice law AND still maintain quality time with family. For my career path, which has been paved with many wonderful mentors along the way. And did I mention how happy I am to have passed the Bar exam the first time?!

What are YOU thankful for today? I would love to hear…

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