30 Days of Thanks-Day 4

OK so I’m technically one day behind on this (typical of me) so I’m probably going to post 3 this weekend instead of 2. To make things easier on myself, I’m going to revisit something I wrote a few years ago. Kicking it old school, you might say. Oprah Winfrey asked her viewers to send in their proposal stories for a “Most Romantic Proposal” show. I just HAD to share mine. Here’s what I submitted and this is one of many reasons why I am so thankful for my husband…

My husband Clay blew me away almost 18 years ago when he proposed. My family had planned a Christmas vacation to Jamaica-a first for us. Little did any of us know that Clay was going to show up at our resort! He arrived in Jamaica and took a cab ride from hell to his hotel (during which the cab driver stopped at a house to pick up a “delivery”). Clay had tried to book a room at our resort but was told it was full. So he checked into his hotel, threw his bag down, and then WALKED at night in Jamaica a mile from his hotel to our resort with the ring in his shoe. Oh yeah-he also had a bottle of wine I brought back from France that we said we would have when we got engaged.

Of course, the resort didn’t allow him to come in. They paged my parents, who arrived at the front desk and were shocked! Then the manager of the resort asked how much time Clay needed to propose (he clearly lacked a romantic soul). Since Clay and I first met at the neighborhood swimming pool, my family diverted me to the resort pool. Suddenly, Clay jumped out. My first reaction? “What are you doing here?” After shedding the light on his purpose by asking me to marry him, I squealed yes. While my dad arranged for Clay to get a room at our resort (funny how one came open when he plunked down a credit card), Clay went back to his hotel to get his bag. You won’t believe what was on the floor-animal manure! Gives new meaning to the term “roach motel.” It’s a miracle he made it to our resort safely that night, and his determination and desire to make our proposal so unique is something I will always cherish.

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  1. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama)
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 20:03:49

    Awesome story Sherry! What a romantic soul your hubby is. A real keeper! Thanks for sharing!



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