You ARE Special-regardless of Klout

I hopefully won’t offend with my post, but I don’t understand what’s the big deal about Klout. In its own words, Klout says it “measures influence online. When you create content or engage, you impact others. Klout analyzes that impact to find your Klout Score, influential topics, and your influencers.” Sounds good, right? Don’t we all strive to “make a difference”? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want people to read my blog and get something out of it.

So when I’m on Twitter, occasionally a Tweet will pop up saying that Friend #1 gave Friend #2 Klout in a particular subject. It seems to be a metric to measure how successful you are in your online endeavors. And for some, it provides useful information on how influential they are in social media. Maybe my disdain/skepticism says more about where I am in the blogosphere. And I’m fine with that.

I guess I’m drawing too many parallels between Klout and this wonderful children’s book that my son loves entitled You Are Special by Max Lucado. The story focuses on the loveable but imperfect Punchinello and a society of wooden people (Wemmicks) focused on giving one another stars or dots. Finally, Punchinello meets the woodcarver, Eli, who reminds Punchinello that he is special and it doesn’t matter what the Wemmicks think. In other words, stars and dots don’t mean a thing.

Which brings me back to Klout. Looks strangely like the Wemmicks giving stars, huh? Maybe I’ve been reading too many kids books lately and you can dismiss my ruminations based solely on that. And for those that make their living on social media, I get it. But I’m OK with trying to live a Klout-free life. And it feels pretty special all the same.

My HGTV tour of Bay Lake Tower’s Grand Villa

You have probably heard me rave about our upgrade in October 2010 to the Grand Villa at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower. If not, you can find my over-the-top ecstatic post about it here at the Disney Driven Life: a-villa-with-a-grand-view-abe . Anyhoo, I also attempted a video tour of the property since I figured this was a once in a lifetime moment. Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel has nothing to worry about-I am definitely not going to quit my day job to pursue a career in TV (Ugh-am I the only one who HATES how her voice sounds?) That being said, I had a blast filming it because it made me appreciate being there all the more. And believe me, I explored every inch of that space! From the bathroom TV to the sliding door beside the master garden tub, everything blew me away. I wasn’t surprised though-Disney does everything top-notch and the Grand Villa was no exception! So without further ado, I give you my HGTV tour of BLT’s Grand Villa!


The perfect rainy Monday

Ribs on the smoker. A leisurely stroll with our elderly golden. Kids peacefully playing together. (That should be in bold, don’t ya think?) Gentle rain tapping the gutters outside. Rocking on the front porch, reading my new B&N purchases (Disney oriented, naturally).

A do nothing kind of day. Stress free. Chill. Just what I needed. Now, how to keep it going this week?

Summer, you were fun, but I’m ready to move on. Because my favorite season-FALL- is just around the corner. You know what that means…falling leaves and pumpkin spice lattes. Candy corn and crisp weather. Football games and s’mores. Picking apples and going on hayrides. Halloween. LOVE. IT.ALL.

What do you love about fall?

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