My Summer Playlist

My intentions with the blog have been good…it’s just summer has provided WAY too many distractions. Let’s just say that in a little over 1 week, the school schedule will be kicking my tush! I LOVE the sleeping in and relish the mornings when the kids pile into bed and snuggle. Because I know all too well that these days are fleeting.

Another way to hold on to the last remnants of summer is music. I love iTunes, especially the celebrity playlists because 1) they pick some really random music; 2) you occasionally find a new song or artist you like; and 3) most the time they pick some totally laughable stuff! So I’m willing to put my  list of summertime tunes out there…IF you promise to list a few of your own in as comments!

  • Three Little Birds by Bob Marley (because it’s a great song and it reminds me of Jamaica. Enough said!)
  • Turning Tables-Adele. Girl can sing her face off!
  • Carolina by Matt Wertz-reminds me of my alma mater (the Gamecocks).
  • Ships in the Night-Mat Kearney. I already liked his stuff and this is his newest single.
  • Until You by Dave Barnes. Love his voice.
  • Light Up the Sky by the Afters. Because our God can and does. Every day.
  • Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Liked it before Disney used it for the Winnie the Pooh trailer. Now I like it even more:)
  • You and Me-Dave Matthews Band.
  • Any songs by Kaskade for dancing!

So what’s on your playlist right now???

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