Hello Summer!

I’ve been noticeably lazy in blogging. My “excuse” is that I’ve been so busy with work and kids’ activities that I simply haven’t had time. But just to recap: Taylor made the cheerleading team. Jared finished T-ball. End of year programs? Done. (Can’t believe I have a rising first and fifth grader!) Daughter turning 10 (double digits!) and her waterslide birthday party. Note to grownups: don’t get on a giant waterslide thinking you won’t find new muscles the next day. Owie! But so worth it.

The blur of activities made me long for summer even more. And then summer arrives and you expect total bliss. Relaxation. Some downtime–or at least a slower tempo. Who’s with me? (I’m imagining a chorus of support here).

Yeah, well…the reality is summers are quite busy. Our June is filled with the beach, horseback camp, and VBS. Your summer schedule is probably similar. But I vow right here that I will have pool “do nothing” days, afternoon naps, and spur-of-the-moment playdates. Squeeze in some day trips to a kid museum, art gallery, or concert. Because summer is made for chucking the calendar out the window and just chillin’.

At least that’s what I loved about summer when I was a kid. Entire days spent at the pool, not to mention all the swim meets. Trips to Kiawah Island where I went exploring on bike trails and hung out on the beach listening to my walkman (I can hear it now from my kids: “what’s a walkman?”) Maybe I have a soft spot for summer because I met Clay at the pool Memorial Day weekend 24 years ago. Good times! But whatever the reason, summer is almost sacred for me. And I hope my kids will say the same someday.

So bring on the waterslides-I’ll try them every time! Even if I pay for it later.

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