Happy Mother’s Day!

Given the fact that I’ve lost over 5 pounds this week (yeah!) due to stomach thing (boo), and because of that I’m feeling a little funky still, I’m going to borrow from something I wrote for my mom a few years ago. We jokingly refer to these as epic poems (a la Homer) because for those listening to them, they seem to last forever! Anyway, my mom has always been blessed with the gift of writing these poems for friends and family, so I decided to give it a go myself. It’s not Hallmark, but it makes it more special because we penned the words ourselves.

Mom, Taylor and me in Charleston

What does mother really mean?
Mere words cannot describe
How much love, energy and support
That’s all wrapped up inside

Selflessness, total devotion
The center of the family
Giving, helping, teaching, guiding
You molded and shaped me

And now that I’m a mother, too
It brings a new perspective
A sense of what you’ve accomplished
A deeper appreciation than I expected

In the process of becoming a mother
Taylor and Jared have changed me
And it also changes you
Because now you are a Mimi!

And now the bond between us
Has matured from mother-daughter to friends
I cannot thank you enough
Where would I even begin?

For all you’ve done and still do
I love you from the bottom of my heart
So Happy Mother’s Day
From your daughter whom you’ve loved from the start!

So Happy Mother’s Day to you all! Be sure to tell your moms how much you love them if they are still here, and take the time to honor their memories today if they have passed away.


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