Something new and different

Spring is a time for growth and rebirth, so what better time to jump into a new, exciting project? So here’s mine: I just joined the Disney Driven Life ( as one of their 60 bloggers–get this, the Fine Arts blogger. See, Dad, you CAN do something with an English major/fine arts degree (haha)! So what better way to commemorate my Fine Arts blogger status than to include the Andy Warhol print, “The Art of Mickey Mouse.” Well, I like it: it’s colorful, bold, and has Mickey on it, so what’s not to like? By the way, I get to write on more than just artwork. Just sayin.

For those of you wondering what I’ve gotten myself into, the blog is defined as a community for neurotic Disney people (moi included). The concept is cool:  the site is driven by Disney fans who incorporate Disney into their everyday lives and provides an outlet for their passionate zeal for the House of Mouse (which some might call, ahem, obsessive.) Case in point: a friend of mine’s most recent post on the DDL discusses spring cleaning and how kids can and should help out using Cinderella and the other princesses as inspiration. (Though she found herself in the unenviable position of seeing her resemblance to the Wicked Stepmother–perish the thought, Ami!)

Anyway, you hopefully get my drift and will also jump over there and check me and the other NDP’s (neurotic Disney people) out! And join! And post comments! Because I know I’m not alone in my Disney enthusiasm, people.

-Sherry (aka NDM 393)

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