My Saturday

Have you ever had that moment where you thought-hey, I can go run this errand with my kids and I’m in control? I can accomplish what I want quickly and bribe reward them with ice cream and get home with my purchases in hand and my sanity intact! Heehee you know where this is going….So me and the kiddos set out for Greenville (30 minutes) so I could find some Easter bling. My kids were patient, well behaved, things were going great. I couldn’t find the necklace I loved, so we left and grabbed some Cold Stone ice cream. Then I ran back in the jewelry store and picked up a necklace and earrings with my Groupon ($ 30 worth for $ 15) and left feeling satisfied. What a bargain! My kids were so good! Smug and self-congratulatory, I climbed in the minivan, kids in tow, and drove 30 minutes home. Ahhh-ready to chill out, grill out and prop my feet up. And then my son walks up to me with a puzzled look on his face, holding the pewter Swiss army knife from said jewelry store. I immediately flash back to our conversation in the jewelry store:

Son: Mom, can we buy this?

Me: No, sweetheart. Put it back.

Son: Pleeeeeaaase?

Me: NO.

Son: But it’s soooo coooool.

Me: I know. But you need to listen to me or you won’t get any ice cream.

Son: Okay….(walks away to stealthily stash in pocket in defiance of Mommy).

So, my precious six year old, clasping the clandestine, ill-gotten gain in his red hands, looks at me with tearswollen eyes, as if to say: what do I do now? Gotta love those teachable moments, they always seem to come at not-so-convenient times.  The only choice: get back in the van and drive another hour to return the pilfered pocketknife. So much for my quickie errand 😦 But now, every time I wear my Easter jewelry, I will remember this eventful shoplifting excursion as a moment my son learned not to steal. And chose his punishment (no Wii or DS for 2 weeks). And went to his room to “make things right with God.” In the process, he grew into a bigger boy right before my eyes.

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