American Girl Weekend

On January 15-16, my mom, daughter, and I headed to Atlanta for a girls’ weekend…and oh, what fun it was! Plenty of shopping, eating, and a trip to the mecca for 9-year-old girls: the American Girl Store and Bistro! Taylor loved every minute–from our delicious lunch in the girly pink Bistro (complete with attachable seats for the dolls so they could sit tableside) to treating her doll, Elizabeth to a much-needed makeover. OK, so Elizabeth’s hair had seen better days, but the makeover specialists (or whatever they call themselves) are nothing short of miracle workers. I think one of them worked on this one doll’s hair for a solid half hour! (Note to parents: don’t give your kids/grandkids expensive dolls when they are too young to take care of them. Just saying!) And of course, we were caught in the shopping frenzy (seriously, I can’t imagine any claims of a recession given how people were buying TONS of stuff)–my daughter selected a riding outfit (go figure), shoes, and a much-needed brush. But our AG experience didn’t end there-our hotel offered a cool AG package that included (wait for it) special pink carpet check-in for girls and their dolls; cookies and milk delivered to your room; a doll travel bed; movie night with popcorn, drinks, and sleeping bags; and breakfast buffet.

So after a weekend chock filled with American Girl, it’s no surprise that she wants a new doll for her birthday. Of course, she would have called me “best mom ever” if I would have grabbed Felicity and bought her on the spot. And yes, I could financially afford it but I think that sets a bad precedent. Call me crazy, but I believe spending $100 for a doll should be reserved for special occasions. I think we overindulge our kids and if I am ever going to teach Taylor how to appreciate the value of money, I can’t undermine that message by saying, “Here, sweetie, even though it’s an ordinary day, you can have this expensive doll.” Just last week, I told my kids, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” (I’ll take things I swore I would never say as a mom for $ 200, Alex!) So, my future writer promptly starts designing a book cover emblazoned with this catchy title: The Money Tree. Oy.


So what do you think? Is an American Girl doll something to save for special occasions? Or am I in the minority? I’d love to hear your take on this-so comment away! 🙂

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