Merry Christmas to all…

So I am finally making it back to the blog after a longer than intended break. Sure, I could say I needed to recover from our Disney trip, get in gear for the kids last few days of school, and come up with a few more excuses. But the thing that really did me in this past week was working-yes, actually doing real estate closings. Don’t get me wrong, I am HAPPY to have the opportunity and the extra money it provides. But it really threw me off this past week-so much so that I didn’t even send out Christmas cards. Eek-the horror! (Actually, it is a big deal to me because I enjoy receiving all the awesome cards you guys send). And yes, I know Christmas is always on the same day but I was dead set on using photos from our Disney trip and well, you guessed it, it took FOREVER to go through the 2500 or so photos we took (yes, that’s NOT a typo). So, in lieu of Christmas cards, this blog post will have to suffice until I get my arse in gear enough to send out Happy New Year cards or Epiphany cards or maybe a “how ya doing it’s March and I’m a slacker” cards! And technically (typical lawyer word), since I’m sending out a virtual “card” on Christmas Day, I made the deadline!

Merry Christmas to you all-I wish I could say something more profound or insightful. But I don’t need to. Nothing says it quite like the birth of our Savior.

“I think of Mary and the virgin birth and I’m amazed by how much God thinks we are worth/That he would send his only son to die/And sometimes Christmas makes me cry/Tears of faithfulness, tears of hope, I cry tears of joy at Christmas because I know there is peace on earth for every heart to find/ And sometimes Christmas makes me cry…” (“Christmas Makes Me Cry” by Mandisa)

Peace and joy to you all-


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