I’m (hopefully) leavin’ on a jet plane…

So Thursday I am hoping to fly off to the happiest place on Earth…Disney World! And without kiddos-they think Mom and Dad are headed to Tampa, so don’t tell them or I will seek revenge! Mwhahaha (my best evil laugh) To keep things interesting, BOTH kids had to go to the pediatrician today. Survey says? One ear infection, no strep throat. Meanwhile, I am going to the doctor tomorrow because I MAY have the start of a sinus infection-and I don’t want to find out at 30,000 feet!

Have you noticed how kids have time-released germs that know the precise moment that will wreak the most havoc? Seriously, my daughter was even saying last week, “You won’t go if we’re sick, right?” Right then, we were jinxed. I have every intention of boarding that plane Thursday morning. But it will be much easier to go if they are well. So please say a prayer for all of us!


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