Round Two-wahoo!

Hey everyone-I made it to Round Two in my quest to join the Disney Moms Panel! For those of you who don’t know what the DMP is, it’s an online forum where people can get answers to their Disney vacation questions from enthusiastic Disneyphiles. I actually found out I made it to Round 2 while at a dinner for the local homeless ministry, so I couldn’t exactly jump up and down and do my best Goofy yell- W A H O O -but I did on the inside! My daughter gave me a big hug and then I was back down to earth. It’s probably for the best that I not get too celebratory so it will keep me grounded in the coming weeks.  

For Round 2, we had to answer how we first heard about the panel and our impressions of it in 100 words or less; upload our go-to planning document/tool; and upload a 60 second video of our favorite Disney memory. Gulp! By far. the toughest thing for me was the video-mostly because my cameraman (aka Hubby) did not get back into town until Friday afternoon. Deadline: Friday by midnight (how apropos, Disney-Cinderella’s deadline too)! All the while being ourselves and showing our passion for Disney. YIKES!

So Taylor made a cute sign for the video that said PICK OUR MOM and drew Cinderella Castle, balloons, and a Mickey helicopter. Why? I guess because she could. Between takes of the video, Clay would get the kids all amped up by asking “Who wants to help mommy?” and the kids would scream! My neighbors are probably still wondering what was going on. And in an ironic twist, our family vacation in December coincides with the DMP training, so I would have to redo our entire Christmas Disney trip! Not a complaint though. (Don’t want that to be a reason why they don’t pick me!)  No matter how things turn out, just having my family help me with the video made me feel supported in this endeavor. Although I am still holding out for my fairy tale ending. Just sayin’!

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  1. Julie
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 14:05:25

    Love, love, LOVE IT! You deserve a fairy tale ending–you would be (are!) the Perfect Disney Mom! Crossing my fingers for you and sending you a little pixie dust, too! Good luck, my friend!!!


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