Sitting Down for a Family Meeting

Well, the family meeting didn’t happen on Saturday like I thought (too many activities+playtime with friends=2 tuckered kids). But I did sneak it in today while baiting everyone with cookies and milk. Of course, my daughter asks, “Are we always going to start family meetings with cookies and milk?” Bribery with food-she sees right through me.

So, after saying a prayer together, our first “order of business” is to draw names and saying something nice about that person. So far, so good. Then we start talking about the upcoming week, some ways they can help out around the house (besides their chores), and then we get to the Family Meeting rules. (Granted, we should have probably started with the rules, but oh bother). Anyway, we think of a few good ones, like be nice, listen, respect each other. Then Jared chimes in that we should sit during meetings. Where is he when he says this? Standing up. After his 4th trip from the table. I nearly laugh out loud. My “ants in his pants” kid says sit down. Classic.

Then we brainstorm some ideas for family activities: the zoo, apple farm, game night…then Jared adds we should climb up “the big hill.” This HILL is a wooded area near our neighborhood that we like to hike in the fall. A vertical wall of dirt and leaves and trees. The last time we attempted the HILL, Jared barely made it out on his own, all the while begging for someone to carry him. (We did not.) So I can just see us now on our future “Family Activity.” Jared complaining about his legs hurting, asking for a piggy back ride. Cali, our golden retriever, climbing with her “Disney” leg–the one that received our travel funds when she needed a $ 3,000 surgery this summer. (Incidentally, she is much better AND we still will have our December vacation, so all is good). Taylor prancing and stomping like a horse, doing her best equine impression. I swear, the girl thinks she IS a horse. So just imagine this motley crew as we ascend up the side of Mount Wecandoit in the next few weeks. Well, better yet, say a prayer for us. We might need it.

OK, so with the family meeting adjourned, my husband begins ribbing me about when we get the minutes (smartass). A success? Yes, I’d say so. No fights. Kind words spoken. Laughter. Yummy food. Sharing. And afterwards, a nice, long family walk. Suggested by–you guessed it–the kid who can’t sit still!

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