Hey, Friday, how you doin’?

It’s been a long week, but things are looking up here at the Boswell hacienda (OK that’s all the Spanish I will do for now-geez, I hope I spelled it right!) Life is good, to be sure. Taylor’s interim report card was awesome, Jared is kicking it (literally) in soccer, and we have settled into our school groove. So it’s only fitting that tomorrow, we will have our first ever Family Meeting. Call it a Parent-Kid Summit or a Meeting of the Minds. Whatever the label, I hope will become a weekly thing for us. (I borrowed this idea from a Family Fun article and then did a Google search on the subject. Yes, I know-I’m Type A. Whatever).

My reason for doing this? Because it is so easy it is to let things slide during the week to get homework done, get to activities, etc. So now we will have an established time to talk about everything that gets pushed aside. Suggestions on how to run a family meeting include: 1) beginning with compliments (should be easy enough); 2) open the floor for any issues (whether it be about the toilet seat being left up or the kids’ constant requests for a new pet); 3) deciding on activities for Family Day; and 4) close with a fun activity (Mad Libs, Pictionary, scavenger hunt). I figured if I blogged about it, it would make me even more accountable about the meeting. Stay tuned-I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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