You know you’re getting old when…

…you are so out of touch with fashion that you don’t get the whole meat dress/purse thing. Apparently, I am not alone. PETA also hated it! Sorry, Gaga.

…you are carded at the grocery store and optimistically think it’s because the wine you are buying. Actually, the clerk just needed it because you used a debit card. Bummer!

…it is no longer an option to change your hair color, but a strategic maneuver to hide your gray. I’m not even 40 yet. Argh!

 …you tell your kids about The Little Rascals (because your son looked like Alfalfa) and how the show was in black and white. And the kids look at you like you just grew a second head. (And don’t even dare mention record players or you’re in a 30 minute conversation).

…you co-teach youth in Sunday School and try to create relevant, exciting discussion–on music, no less–and well, they confirm that you did, in fact, grow a second head. (Until you bribe them with candy. Then they speak.)   

Any of those sound familiar? What are some other classic examples you can think of?

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