Here I Go Again! (Disney Moms Panel Application Time)

On Monday, September 13th at 9AM, Disney will be accepting applications from Moms and Dads (and anyone else who just loves all things Disney) for the Disney Moms Panel 2011. Pardon me while I do my Snoopy dance! Being the Type A geek that I am, I marked that morning as busy on my calendar ’cause I know I will be working on my application then! You might ask: what does a panelist do exactly? They share their Disney knowledge by answering questions and offering advice about planning Disney World vacations through a dedicated website: Given the diversity of the panel, it is no wonder that they are able to field ANY question thrown at them. Even questions about if hermit crabs are permitted and if pack and plays can fit in bathrooms! Both no, if you were wondering.

One of the benefits of going through this application process is that I get all nostalgic about our Disney adventures and the fabulous memories we’ve made. Like when two year old Taylor met her first character–Goofy–and was scared to death! I mean petrified! I quickly learned to position myself between her and the characters. Incidentally, if I could pass along one bit of advice: perhaps you shouldn’t have your child’s’ first character experience with the tallest one around!

Meanwhile, our resident daredevil Jared has no phobias when it comes to characters, especially of the princess kind. I will never forget how proud he looked covered in princess kisses. His favorite? Sleeping Beauty! (Geez, what is it with boys and blondes?) My blonde haired girl Taylor has a love affair with the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Perhaps I passed that gene on to her, the one that loves pampering and spa treatments. Regardless of the source, my daughter has champagne taste (her favorite food is sushi, hello), so the BBB really meets all our needs. She gets the royal treatment and I get a front row seat to witness her total transformation. Priceless!

One of my most surprising Disney memories was receiving Dream Fastpasses during the Year of a Million Dreams Promotion while exiting Goofy’s Barnstormer. It felt incredible! The rest of the day, we were walking on air. If the powers that be at Disney were indeed keeping a tally of how many dreams were granted that year, then four people were definitely added to the count that day!

I could go on…but you get the picture. Disney means alot to me. So I am super psyched about applying for the Moms Panel. Send me some pixie dust because they will take as many as 20,000 applications! This will be my third time applying, and you know what they say…

And while you’re at it, please post a comment and answer this question: what was your favorite Disney memory? Or for those of you who have never visited the House of Mouse (shudder), what would be a dream come true for you?

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