Putting the Labor in Labor Day

While many of you have fun Labor Day weekend plans like the lake or the Clemson game (which I say is not fun just to irritate my Clemson friends-GO COCKS), we have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend. Except for a birthday party, church, and hanging out with friends, you could say the next three days are a blank slate. And I like it that way. We are so overprogrammed, overstressed, running in ten different directions during the week that it’s nice to slow down. Heck, it’s what we’re supposed to do–hello, can anyone say Sabbath time?

But with this open calendar staring me in the face, I can only see what’s right in front of me-you guessed it, my messy house that is crying out to be cleaned. So I’ll be cleaning toilets and sweeping floors-with my little helpers, mind you. (They will be so thrilled to hear that bit of good news today!) But I actually am glad to just be hanging close to home because this past week was a whirlwind. Clay and I even got to getaway for a night (on a school night)-and it was downright decadent to go shopping without the kids…go to dinner without being interrupted….and have adult conversation! But let me tell you, it did a world of good for our kids. They were SUPER appreciative when we came home. Taylor said one day felt like one month (my little drama queen).

So while you’re busy cramming it all in this weekend, feeling like you must get so much done, take your foot off the accelerator a bit. Yes, I’m talking to you, fellow Type A’s of the world. Or the new label I now have is “People-Task” from the PeopleMap personality test I took a few months back (pretty accurate). The issue for Task oriented people is that we don’t know how to CHILL. So let’s be more like our fellow free spirits and just slow the heck down! I promise I’ll do it, too–right after I finish cleaning the house.

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